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Specialty Courts: join the discussion

May 15, 2012

Our second show is going to be all about Speciality Courts sometimes known as Diversion Courts and often referred to as Treatment Courts. These Courts serve a very important purpose in our community. We’d love you to join in the conversation, even let us know your opinion on these Courts. Here’s a preview of what the show will be about:

The show is just around the corner and it’d be great to include your comments in the show.


Impartial Judiciary: be a part of the discussion

May 15, 2012

Our first show is going to be dedicated to an Impartial Judiciary.  Our host is Prof. Jim Moore who’ll be joined by Judge Wilson, Jim Westwood and Prof. Susan Mandiberg.  It’s sure to be a lively discussion and we’d love you to help form the conversation.  Here’s a brief overview of the issue, something for you to think about?!

We’ll be taping the show May 22 so be sure to get your comments in by then.

Legal Logic: Impartial Judiciary

April 17, 2012

We’re excited to bring you a new show from MetroEast–” Legal Logic”.  Our hope is that you’ll want to contribute to the show by reading this blog and commenting.  The issues we’ll be discussing on these shows affect us all.  Now, I have to admit I have no legal background and didn’t grow up in this country so I’m in the process of learning all about the three branches of government myself.  But it strikes me that being a judge does have some major stresses.  And of course Judges will often get criticized for the decisions they make.   When all the Judge has done is follow the rule of law, apply the appropriate law, and deliver decisions that are in line with the judicial system as a whole.  Judges have increasingly found themselves under pressure from individuals or special interest groups that favor some laws over others. So for me the big question, that comes to mind, is what kind of threats exist to an Impartial Judiciary and how real are they in the State of Oregon?

Here’s a clip which presents a couple of different perspectives on threats to the Judiciary.  Post a comment on the subject as it’d be great to get some of your ideas rolled into the show.

Legal Logic coming soon ….

February 15, 2012

MetroEast with a grant from the Multnomah Bar Foundation Civic Education Fund are in pre-production for a new show entitled: Legal Logic.  This show will be a round-table discussion on legal and judicial issues.